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Voorhout Data Connection, a consultancy and project-management organisation, is well known as one of the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system integrators for the industrial sector. The company mission is to design, install and commission complex radio systems in harsch industrial environments, to provide interface solutions for mission-critical data networks, and to establish long lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

At the Rotterdam harbour for example Europe Combined Terminals (ECT) has been a ‘Voorhout’ customer the past decade. The large ECT Maasvlakte plant services the largest ships and forwards a staggering amount of containers each year. Automated cranes and computerized lorries handle these containers with a minimum of human intervention. Large parts of the plant have been automated. Driverless lorries move containers around under the direction of central computer systems. The logistics of such an operation are not to be taken lightly. At all times each of the lorries must know exactly its location. Furthermore, the wireless data communication between the central server and the lorries must be absolutely reliable. And it has been proved to be reliable, a result of the expertise of Voorhout Data Connection, who designed and installed the whole wireless location and communication system.

Recently, at the Hamburg harbour area, a simular wireless location and communication system for operating driverless container transporting lorries has been implemented at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder.

Voorhout Data Connection prefers to exercise turnkey responsibility for such large projects, while maintaining a dedicated and flexible approach towards supervising ‘expert’ third parties and contractors. Besides wireless location and data communication, various projects have been carried out involving voice-communication techniques, dispatch systems, radio infrastructure, wireless data interfacing, automatic vehicle location and visual observation systems. Besides experience and technical expertise ‘Voorhout’ will never stop to offer an excellent service to all its customers, including specialized training, maintenance service, technical consultation, field know-how experience, after sales and related support.

Currently Voorhout Data Connection explores new area’s like wireless Voice-over-IP (VolP). The new complete and innovative wireless VolP solutions will allow business customers to benefit from:

  • More economical voice and data solutions that are easier to implement and control thanks to convergence between voice and data networks;
  • Homogenous levels of services of an identical quality whatever the size of the sites and their geographical situation;
  • Interoperability. The IP backbone allows communications among radios that employ different frequencies, as well as different digital and analog technologies.

Together with USA based M/A-COM Wireless Systems, Voorhout Data Connection provides these state-of-the-art two-way mobile radio technology, products and services to the European markets that include public safety, utility, industrial, commercial and government organizations.

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